New Application for all Your Third party Services and Products Requirements

Lanka Sawari Application is a Newly introduced feature to the Hotels to grab the businesses going out from the hotel and to get a profit from each product or service you promote to your own guest

How Does this Works?

  1. Lanka Sawari has provided the Main Outdoor Activities which guests could enjoy during their stay in Sri Lanka.
  2. We have provided you the Activities along with the rate we offer to you.
  3. You are free to add any markup and advertise the same to the guest.
  4. We Advise you to check the current market rate and try to be similar to the current market rate always.
  5. Still you are free to decide your rate as far as you can sell the products to the Guests.
  6. But you cannot put a rate lesser than the rate provided by Lanka Sawari.
  7. If you insert the same rate equal to Lanka Sawari rate, there will be No Profit to you.
  8. Not only the products and services introduced by Lanka Sawari, you are free to advertise any of the product or service which you want to promote to your customers to the system.
  9. Of course those products or services advertised by you should provide by yourself.
  10. Lanka Sawari will charge a Service Charge for all the transaction you do through the system.
  11. All you need to do is, introduce the products and Services to your Guests, Encourage them to apply the services through the site with your help.
  12. If the Guest willing to pay directly, insert their mail address in the requested location and a mail will go to their email along with the payment instruction and One Time Password (OTP).They could use the payment link and one time password to do the payment.
  13. You will receive a payment alert once they do the payment..
  14. Or else you could collect cash from your guest and pay from your company credit card to us in the same way the Guest did.
  15. If you do the payment, you only need to pay our rates and your profit will remain in your credit card.
  16. All payments will directed to DreamCatchers Company Payment Portal and there won't be any clashes with Lanka Sawari web page and Guests.
  17. We will take care of all Back office work on behalf of you.

Why Lanka Sawari System?

You might be thinking why Lanka Sawari should involve in to provide services to your customers since you can easily promote and get benefited directly.

But have you ever thought of;

  1. How to contact all services providers in Sri Lanka in less than a minute?
  2. How could you communicate the exact charges guest has to pay prior to a tour?
  3. Reliable payment method for your guests?
  4. If you do not have the right vehicle your customer require?
  5. If your Guest do not want to contacted by a third party and do the tour by his own?
  6. If you Guest reluctant to pay by cash and is ready to pay from the credit card?
  7. If you need less staff to handle guest inquiries and hassle free work?
  8. How do you advertise or promote miscellaneous items available in house ?

Your Ultimate Solution is Us; Lanka Sawari.

We are equipped with ,

  1. All the services providers in Sri Lanka
  2. All the details/ rates related to products and Services
  3. Largest Vehicle Fleet in the country
  4. 24 x 7 call center + Back Office Team
  5. Online Payment Gateway
  6. Platform to sell any of your Product or Service
  7. Customer Friendly System
  8. Advantage of enhancing the profit by increasing the markup without any barriers
  9. Free advertising space on Lanka Sawari Facebook Page
  10. Free identification as a Lanka Sawari approved Service Provider.

How Do I Get Benefited?

  1. You can keep a markup and sell the product to the guest. This markup will not be visible to the guest.
  2. You could sell any Miscellaneous products and Services which are not listed on the list by Lanka Sawari and get benefited.

How Does Lanka Sawari get Benefited?

We being honest with you by providing the rate we get from the supplier and the rate we provide you. Then you will understand our profit margins and it will be transparent for both parties.

Any Hidden Charges?

Of course no. There are no any hidden charges. We Charge our rate and the Service Charge for each and every transaction happens in the system.

Can I Cancel a Booking I Made?

Yes you could cancel a booking you made. But below chargers will be applicable.

  • All Cancellations are subject to 4% of Cancellation Fee.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of the Itinerary date, No refund will be granted.
  • Cancellations Between Day 3 to Day 5 from the Itinerary date will refund half Payment.
  • Cancellations From Day 6 and above will refund in full.

When Lanka Sawari Pay My Earnings?

There are two way of paying your Earnings.

Option 01

If you pay through your own or Company Credit Card, We will ask you to pay only the Premium you need to Pay Lanka Sawari. Your Earning will retain at your end.

Option 02

If the Guest pays, we will calculate your earnings each month from 01st to 30th and will credit to your given account / Pay by a Cheque on 10th of the next month.

How Do I know about My Bookings, Pending Payments and Entitlements?

We have provided you several reporting facilities to make sure you aware about all the transaction you do in this system. You will be given a Username and a PAssword to make sure your records are secure. You will find below options in your system.

  1. Transaction Summary in Weekly Basis
  2. Your recent Bookings
  3. Your Total Bookings
  4. Your Paid Payments
  5. Your Pending Payments
  6. Customer Pending Payments

Can a Guest Book Directly?

No. We have given access to the company Portal Operator and who ever willing to book the services need to go through the Portal Operator.

How Can I start The Process?

  • Easy. If you wish to proceed with Lanka Sawari, Please contact one of Our Team Member Below. They will meet you with the Agreement and the System Access Kit.
  • You will be getting a Username and a Password along with the system rights.
  • Once you get the Username and the Password, You need to create your profile in the system and Add Extra Services if you need and Set up the Activity Rates.
  • If you need to add Business Introducers under you, you are Free to do by using “Manage Referrals” Icon.
  • Then the system is yours. All you need to to is Promote to your guests and Let them enjoy their Holidays.

Whom I Should Contact?

Kasun Gajamange

Co-Founder - DreamCatchers- Event Management Company
Director - Dreams Net - A Single Solutions for All Your IT Need
Co-founder - LankaSawari- Your Local Travel Partner
Consultant/ Lecturer - IT
Contact -077 377 22 90 / 077 2177 332