Knuckles Illukkumbura

  • Per Person Rate : LKR 0

Lanka Sawari Riverston Accommodation is a fully environmental friendly eco resort where you don't have electricity or phone signals. The water is from a natural fountain from the woods. Washrooms are located separately and on shared basis. You can enjoy the real jungle life and sleep on the attic where you could enjoy the sun kissing your face in the morning. We have been provided mattresses instead of beds to make your stay a more realistic one.

LankaSawari Riverston Accommodation;

  • Could accommodate up to 15 pax
  • Basic sleeping pattern in a chalet and on the attic.
  • Solar Lighting and Petrol Max light only
  • Less facilities and mobile signals
  • Kitchen and cook in-house
  • Meals could be arranged on request
  • Guide from the village

What to see

  • Waterfalls - Bambarakiri Ella / Sera Ella / Pathana Ella
  • Pitawala Pathana
  • Manigala Hike
  • Abandoned Village in the Jungle