Whales watching Night camping and Yala Safari

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Thinking about a perfect weekend?

It’s time to overcome from your busy schedule and to witness of the world's largest mammal in the water and land within two days in different location.

A new era in the traditional Safari is being introducing by Lanka Sawari while isolating your selves among the water and Land.

Join us to spend the best days of your life on 29th of April 2017.

We will be picking you up from Colombo Early morning will be starting to sail to see Whales and Dolphins in Mirissa. The lunch will be ready after a sea bath from a beautiful beach in down south and lunch will be served in traditional village taste.

The night would be a in a place where you can hear the sound of the elephants with BBQ.

You can enjoy your BBQ dinner with salty wind and sleep with the lullaby of the leaves of the jungle.

You have to wake up early in the morning next day if you wish to see the world largest mammal on earth.

Pack your bags. Let’s rush to Yala National Park.

From our normal journey bus, let’s transfer to four wheeled safari jeep and go around the forest while enjoying the natural habitat. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see the beauty of Sri Lankan Leopard which is an endangered animal in the world.

When you are tired and hungry, your lunch will be ready at “Bath Gedara” where you can relax and have your lunch peacefully. It’ time to come back home. Don’t forget to buy some fresh vegetable and Ruhunu Curd on the way home.

So…… what you are thinking of?? Call us now on 0773774448/ 0774884328 for reserve your seat.