Whales Watching from Colombo - Season 04

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Have you missed previous opportunities to be the witness of the largest mammals in the sea? here another opportunity for you and this might be the last chance to see the blue whales in the Indian ocean since their visibility season is going to end soon……….

So join with us and collect this unforgettable experience to your memory book.

You have to start your day little early coz you will be picking up at 4.30 am in Colombo.

Then the ride to Mirissa by a luxury coach which make you more comfortable and will be able to have a little nap.

You will be getting to the vessel and it’s time to fasten your life jackets. Your breakfast will be served at the vessel while it starts to sail.

After few hour journey, you will be witness the Giant in the sea…

When you come back to land, we will take you for a good sea bath where you can enjoy the sea and then to the hotel for a Buffet lunch. Of course you will be getting a changing room facility.

After little break we will be rushing back to Colombo with unforgettable memories…..

Your investment for this journey would be Rs. 5650.00 which includes transportation form Colombo and Back, Breakfast, Total Vessel fare, Buffet Lunch, Changing Room Facility.

Call  Hansi 0773774448 or kasun 0774884328 to get registered.