Rafting n Day Outing at Kithulgala

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It was a pleasure to serve the Bread Talk crew on this Special day. There were 150 members of all branches of Bread Talk joined hand and came out from there stressed full schedules for day at Kithulgala with Lankasawari. The event was held at famous Kelani River bank of Kithulala and it was a team building session and a stress release activity for all staff at Bread Talk. They were welcomed by the Lankasawari crew with a fresh Papaya juice and the total staff has been divided to random two groups for white water rafting at Kelani River. While the team 01 enjoying the rafting, the other team was bathing near the campsite while enjoying the DJ music. All were actively participated rafting and their faces reflect their feeling while rafting and once they finished the rafting. All were so thrilled and enjoyed the white colour bubbly water. Safety considered as the main point and Lankasawari always made sure all the precautions are being taken when they are rafting and when they are enjoying the bath. After this tired activity, a delicious village meal was served and we witness the way they enjoyed the lunch. The DJ and dancing was continue till dusk and it was hard them to leave the campsite and each other when time come them to apart. Thank you Bread Talk team for the beautiful memory you left with us and come again to enjoy the hospitality of Lankasawari Team