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Request for reservation

Vishaka Child development Center is located in Kalutara town which has female children of age 4-18. There are 32 kids at the moment in the homw.Everyone has their own sad story but they are trying to bloom despite their sad past. 
Seems they do not have enough necessary items to have a smooth life and need your involvement to  ease their lives. 
We have planned to give Evening tea to the kids on 08th november 2016 at 4.00pm. If anyone interested, can come and participate at the premises. Or you can provide below necessary items to the Child Development Center on same date or send prior to us or simply you can give us some ggiftes to be distribute on that date. 

Soap, Wipers, brooms, Mosquito Nets, mop, white board markers,Books, Lunch boxes, Harpic, Finol, Vim , dettol, water bottles, underwears, Torch, Asamodagam, battery, Washing powder,needles,A4 white and A4 colour, hair bands, powder, ordicolon, hair oil

Or else you can directly contact the orphanage and handover to them. 
If you wish to join us, call on 0773774448 or 0774884328