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Be comfort with the soothing care under the trees and let the wind to take you a tour in to the woods through the lullabies of the chirping birds!!!  Let the nature to touch your body, Mind and soul.

Walk out from your busy schedules and spent a day in with mother nature at Kanneliya – famous as the most sensitive forest in Sri Lanka.

We, Lanka Sawari will take you to the woods with a native guide who will know the every bit of the forest. More than an explanations, she will tell you the story of the mother nature and the will take you through the history of the ancient incidents of the forest.

Special invitation to the birds and Insect lovers! There are endemic insects, Lizards and frogs can be esily spotted at Kanneliya and is a Paradise for birds!

Waterfalls, caves, Birds, Flowers, Insects and Butterflies………… What else for a perfect vacation?

So why wait? Get some friends too to accompany with you. Call us on 077377448 and Pack your bags with little snack and extra cloth for a bath in a natural pool.

Come with us ……………to Explore Kanneliya

We will be leaving Colombo at 5.00 am and will stop for breakfast on the way. No sooner we reach the Kanneliya forest Entrance, Will be starting the hike towards famous Anagi Mala Falls which has 03 scenic views. Then let’s explore the cave together and will relax under the giant Nawanda Tree!  After returning to the starting point, let us serve you with a delicious Village Lunch and you can enjoy the bath in a Natural Pool which sooth your body and soul……….

Let’s return back to our homes with full of nice memories and knowledge around 4.00pm from the forest.

Our aim to make a community who loves the nature by giving this opportunity to get to know mother nature closely and spread the value of the nature and our responsibility to protect her for long time and educate our next generation!